Reboot Your Inner Masculine After a Breakup

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Selfishness is Probably the #1 Relationship Skill to Learn

Self Centeredness – or selfishness – in a relationship isn’t always bad – in fact it’s one of the most important skills – especially for people who always seek to please out of a need for affection and love.

Ten Things My Ex Did That I Mistook as Love

Looking back at some of my relationships, it’s easy to see the places where I was wearing blinders, or rose colored glasses. I would see things she was doing and say “She loves me – she really loves me!” And it turns out, after breaking up, those same places reveal nothing but hidden agendas – not real love.

Why Romance Often Leads to Horrible Bitterness

Sometimes when people say that love sucks, they’re sometimes actually right! When things go bad, the withdrawal pain is huge.

In this video we breakdown the EMOTIONS of a breakup….

The Seven Phases of the Breakup

What to do if she doesn’t like you anymore? It can feel like your soul is crushed down nothing… There are seven phases you are going to go through in coping with this loss. I’m going to go through it below (pay careful attention to step #6).

Just Because She Accepts You, Doesn’t Make You a Slave

One thing I have seen is that we tend to JUSTIFY why we are with a certain person. We may have many reasons to end a relationship, but we stick around. Just because she accepts you, doesn’t make her the only one – there could be others!